Panama is a country mostly known for its canal and its financial sector. And whilst it’s true that by linking the Pacific and the Atlantic and thereby securing one of the world’s major ship routes, the canal is its most prized asset, there is quite a lot more to Panama than a shipping lane.

To find the true beauty of Panama you have to dive deeper into the heart of country. Exploring the hinterland and its indigenous culture, smelling the banana plantations and watching sloths going about their day, that’s what constitutes the real Panama, the vivid emotions beyond the shiny skyscrapers in the capital. Here is a photo story depicting some of Panama’s breathtaking locations and wildlife.

The concrete jungle:

Starting off in the capital, Panama-City is the wealthiest and most developed city in Central America and its skyline matches anything in other financial centres around the world.

Photo by F.Delventhal, Flickr

World famous architect Frank Gehry designed the Biomuseo in Panama-City. It’s his first creation in Latin America.

Panama-City is also home to some beautiful colonial architecture, notably in Panama-City’s Old Town, the Casco Viejo area

Miraflores Locks – Panama Canal

The countryside:

Hilly, exotic and tropical – Panama’s hinterland
Colourful old-school buses are a common feature on Panamanian highways

The country’s most important export

The heavenly beaches:

Playa Blanca


The tropical islands:

The shimmering beauty of the Bocas del Toro islands
San Blas islands

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