When preparing your next great adventure, you are obviously worrying about which travel related goods you will actually need and which ones are dispensable. Here is a list of 10 practical, useful and well made products that every adventure traveller should consider using on a long journey.

1. The right bag

This is obviously the first issue you’ll be thinking about when planning your adventure. Some people prefer backpacks, others prefer duffle bags, so why not get the best out of both worlds and get a bag that can be used as a rolling duffle and as a backpack? The Osprey Sojourn is the best alternative for people who want to have the perfect mix between a rolling duffle and a backpack.

Its high quality materials were made to survive the dust and heat of the Sahara desert while also being able to cope with deep snow and freezing temperatures. This extreme resilience is only matched by the bag’s amazing design and practicality. The interior is very well divided and big enough for every adventure. All these strong points make this the best bag for a long adventure, whether you want to cross a desert, climb a mountain or hike through a dense rainforest, the Osprey Sojourn will be a reliable asset.

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2. A light rain jacket

Unless the sole destination of your trip is a desert, you will need one of those. The Regatta rain jackets are of great quality, good looking and most importantly, light. They can be folded into a small piece which won’t take up a lot of space and they are moreover very well-priced considering their high quality finishes.

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3. A pocket-sized camera

There are many small cameras on the market and many do the job. The Nikon Coolpix B500 does more than that. Apart from being small and easy to use, its pictures are extremely sharp for a small camera like this. It also shoots full HD videos and has amazing zooming capabilities. The camera has many more functions which make it one of the best small cameras that do not cost a fortune but still shoot fantastic pictures which will immortalize the memories of your adventure.

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4. An ebook reader

Carrying large and heavy books is tiresome and impractical. An ebook reader is therefore an excellent solution to take all your best literature on your grand adventure without needing a lot of space. The Amazon Kindle is the obvious choice while the Tolino Shine Reader provides an excellent alternative for a bit less money.

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5. Portable speakers

Portable speakers are a great item when travelling as they allow you to listen to the music of your choice while showering, relaxing in your hotel room or on the beach. The AllReli Speaker is a fantastic option with all the required features, great battery lifetime and a shock resistant and waterproof case that won’t be damaged by sand, jungle floors or tropical rain.

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6. Headphones

Listening to music is one of the best distractions for long flights or boring bus journeys. The right headphones are therefore crucial to securing a full enjoyment of your favourite tunes on the road. The MEE Audio M6 Pro are a great option and do not cost a fortune, their excellent sound quality combined to their simple and elegant design make them our number one choice for travel headphones.

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7. A worldwide adapter

Where ever you go, you will need an adapter to charge your electronic devices and the certified. The Skross adapter is an excellent choice in this regard. It is small and practical, well made and universally usable, which makes it the perfect adapter for globetrotters.

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8. An external hard drive

An external hard drive has become one of the first choice items for travellers embarking on a longer journey. Saving all your beautiful pictures, videos and other memories on an external hard drive will enable you to immortalize your files without having to store them all on your main laptop, which could be stolen. The LaCie 2Tb Porsche Design hard drive is the perfect choice for travellers who like small, beautiful and high quality devices that will do the job in the most effective manner without filling your bag or emptying your wallet.

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9. An action sports cam

It has become customary to document one’s travels by using a sports action cam. The obvious choice is the GoPro and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It is however quite pricey and if you go to a dangerous country where you have to worry about pickpockets 24/7, a cheaper yet comparable alternative might be the better option. The Apeman does exactly that. It certainly isn’t as good as a GoPro but it is 3times cheaper. Is the GoPro 3 times better? Certainly not.

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10. Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a great way to store and organize the interior of your bag or suitcase and are therefore a great acquisition. One cube for valuables, one for toiletries, one for underwear and so on is the perfect way to stay organized and save a lot of stress while travelling. The Blue Beach packing cubes are well-priced, good looking and well-made which is all you need when it comes to packing cubes.

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