Winter is coming. And this means you have to think about what to pack on your next grand adventure in a cold location. Whether you want to explore the Icelandic wilderness, the fabulous Alaskan landscapes or wrestle with bears in Russia, these goods will withstand the challenge.

  1. A wool sweater

Wool sweaters are not only truly stylish but also extremely useful in a cold setting. The Nordic people have been making these wool sweaters for centuries and by the time you set foot into their countries in winter, you can see why.

Our choices are from Napapijri & Stone Island, two excellent brands which always manage to blend traditional patterns with modern design and most of all, the best wool in the world.

Get your Napapijri or Stone Island wool sweater here

  1. Boots

Having the right boots is absolutely indispensable when you plan on walking through snow, ice and other winter wilderness and the Timberland Classic Boots have been the best choice in this field for quite a while now. They are in fact the only boots that can be used for literally everything and that look good on pretty much everyone.

On that basis, if you want the best boots that will withstand an Icelandic glacier and still look good in the pub later that night, the Timberlands are the only choice.

Get your boots here

  1. Gloves

Gloves are without a doubt one of the most important tools when it comes to keeping warm in icy surroundings. It is therefore of paramount importance to choose high quality gloves that will keep your hands warm without leaking and without failing in any circumstances. The Ralph Lauren Gloves do just that, they are extremely resilient while also being practical in everyday life.

Get your gloves here

  1. The right coat

Putting on the best possible coat is obviously more than essential, since it might be the main factor determining how long you can stay outside on your winter adventure.

Canada Goose coats have won numerous prizes and are being used by explorers in Antarctica as we speak while Strellson coats provide a fair competition and are also used on Artic missions. Both are available for women and men and both are genuine high quality objects that will keep you warm in any frosty conditions. Both moreover brilliantly combine style and performance which is why they are the real alternatives for your next winter endeavour.

Get your Canada Goose coat for women here, for men here or Strellson coat here

  1. The right laptop case

When embarking on a winter adventure you obviously don’t want to lose all connection with the outside world and therefore you might want to bring your Macbook and you will need the right case. The Inateck laptop case combines style with practicality and matches the typical winter requirements by not letting freeze your precious laptop to death when temperatures start dropping.

Get your laptop case here

  1. The right bag

Some people prefer backpacks, others prefer duffle bags, so why not get the best out of both worlds and get a bag that can be used as a rolling duffle and as a backpack? The Osprey Sojourn is the best alternative for people who want to have the perfect mix between a rolling duffle and a backpack.

Its high quality materials were made to survive the dust and heat of the Sahara desert while also being able to cope with deep snow and freezing temperatures. This extreme resilience is only matched by the bag’s amazing design and practicality. The interior is very well divided and big enough for every adventure. All these strong points make this the best bag for your next winter adventure.

Get your bag here

  1. A Russian style winter hat

Nothing will keep your head warmer than a Russian style fur hat, the kind of hat that has kept inhabitants of Siberia warm for hundreds of years and that is still very popular today. The Mysuntown is an excellent choice for its quality and style and don’t worry PETA supporters, the fur does not come from a real animal.

Get your winter hat here

  1. The right wallet

Keeping your money and cards safe is essential on any trip and especially on a winter adventure. It is therefore a great choice to opt for an aluminium wallet that can stand a bit of water and snow. The Tru Virtu offers exactly that: it is well designed, very resilient and good looking. It is moreover scan safe and very well divided. This kind of wallet isn’t for the people who love to keep unreasonable amounts of cash, paper and other things in their wallet but it is certainly a great alternative when embarking on a winter adventure.

Get your wallet here

  1. A good looking and warm scarf

Scarfs are another essential component for a cold adventure. The main aim of a scarf is of course to keep your neck warm and on that basis, we recommend the cashmere and wool Barbour scarves. This British brand is specialized in high quality, timeless and discrete outdoor wear and their scarves offer everything you need on a long winter trip.

Get your wool scarf here or cashmere scarf here

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