Alaska is a truly stunning part of the world. The largest and northernmost American state is home to a vast array of national parks, untouched wilderness and raw beauty. The state has a density of 1.26 people per square mile which makes it the ideal place for travellers who want to experience its enrapturing landscapes in peaceful loneliness.

Winter or summer, Alaska is a true nature lovers’ haven and should therefore be on your adventure bucket list. Here is a photo story depicting some of Alaska’s most extraordinary locations.

The Alaskan wilderness in summer

Alaska is home to several bear species and about 98% of the US’ brown bair population

Alaska also has dormant volcanos

Seeing the northern lights in Alaska is a spectacle and one the most amazign natural phenomena in this part of the world

Water planes are a common way to get around in Alaska

Anchorage is the largest city in Alaska with about 300k inhabitants
Humpback whales are another important component of Alaska’s diverse wildlife

Caribous are part of the landscape in Alaska
camping in the wild 

Traffic will be the least of your problems on Alaskan roads

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  1. Some incredible pictures here, especially love the one of the humpback jumping out the water. Alaska is very high on my list, every post I see has amazing pictures and this one was no different 😀

  2. Your photos of the northern lights, the galaxy, the water planes, and thw humpback whale were all so awesome. Alaska may be a far-fetched destination for me due to visa regulations im the US, but who knows. To see the northern lights is one on my bucket lists and I’m still not giving up all hopes to visit Alaska in the future.

    1. Thanks very much! Alaska is a truly intriguing destination but there are also other places to see the northern lights such as Scandinavia if you cannot travel to the US, Cheers!

  3. I’ve been waiting to visit Alaska ever since dad used to sing ‘North to Alaska’ to us when we were kids. Still haven’t made it there yet. This post reminds me of why I want to go there. It’s beautiful, and I have to meet a bear. 😉 Love your pics!

    1. Thanks very much! Alaska is a stunning place for a nature expedidition, it is one of those places where you can really experience wilderness without anyone bothering you!

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