Embarking on a roadtrip across the vast, dusty, lifeless Australian centre is one of the most mesmerizing experiences a traveller can have. Infinite widths of red soil, bush and straight never ending highways are the trademark features of the virtually uninhabited Northern Territory or as it is commonly known, the Outback.

This is a photostory of a trip across several parts of the Outback, giving you an impression of the endless continuity that characterizes this unique part of the world.

The ‘Red Centre’, as the Outback is commonly referred to owes its name to the unique red colour of its soil
Kangaroos outnumber people 2 to 1 in Australia

Alice Springs, the only ‘big’ city in the Outback with a mere 30000 inhabitants

One of the many Outback gravel roads
The Uluru, one of the most famous rocks in the world, is one of the main tourist attractions in the Outback

Kata Tjuka, another set of amazing rock formations worshipped by the natives

One of the gigantic roadtrains that prevent remote Outback settlements from starving

King’s Canyon, one of the several national parks where hiking enthusiasts can admire the natural beauty of the Northern Territory

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