The region of Puglia in southern Italy is well known for its rocky cliffs, its amazing local delicacies and its laidback way of life. Here are 16 photos depicting the beauty of Puglia and Basilicata, two regions of southern Italy that should definitely feature on your Italy bucket list.

The Old Town of Bari, one of the larger cities in Puglia

Basilica San Nicola, Bari


San Sabino Cathedral, Bari

The amazing town of Polignano a mare, built on massive cliffs

The jaw dropping beach between the cliffs in Polignano

The stone houses of the ‘Sassi di Matera’ in the nearby Basilicata region are one of the most unique architectural sights in this part of Southern Italy and an absolute must visit

The ‘Trulli’ houses in Alberobello are well known for their uniquely shaped circular roof

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