Bosnia & Herzegovina is a country known most of all for the horrendous civil war that raged across the country in the early 90s. Although more than 20 years have passed since the end of the war, the remnants of the conflict are still visible all over the country, Bosnia is in fact a 51,000sqkm museum.

History aside, Bosnia & Herzegovina should be known most of all for its astounding natural beauty. Upon entering the country, you may be familiar with its recent history but not with its real assets, its endless stretches of beautiful untouched wilderness which are unmatched by any of its much more touristy Balkan neighbours.

This photo story attempts to depict a global image of Bosnia & Herzegovina while highlighting the breathtaking scenery that can be encountered in this small Balkan state.

Sunrise in northern Bosnia

The city of Tuzla in northern Bosnia
An artificial lake built for Tuzla’s residents in the town centre
The stunning scenery on the road to Sarajevo

Sarajevo, the capital city of Bosnia & Herzegovina
Sarajevo has witnessed many historical scenes, none more impacting than the assassination of the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne in 1914
Bulletholes are a common sight in Bosnian residential complexes

The city of Mostar

The famous Old Bridge in Mostar which was destroyed during the war and later rebuilt

The water source of Blagaj
Blagaj Cave
Change of scenery, dry hills in southern Bosnia


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  1. Wow, this really was incredible. The photo titled “The stunning scenery on the road to Sarajevo” is absolutely stunning but really, both your talent and the beauty of Bosnia run throughout this post. Certainly, it is a country really beginning to open up to tourism and if these snaps are anything to go by, people will not be disappointed

    1. Thanks very much:) It is indeed getting a bit more touristy but certainly not in a manner comparable to Croatia:)

    1. Thanks:) The lake looks more crowded than it actually was, it is also the main activity in Tuzla in summer;)

  2. Oh lovely trip. I will have to follow your footsteps when the weather gets better. Bosnia is a hidden gem of Europe. I am now living in Serbia and as soon as I can I will go there too! Pinning your article for future reference.

  3. These pictures are really nice. Not a lot of people travel here, at least we don’t hear about it anyway. It is nice to hear of somewhere different. The man made lake is awesome, looks refreshing!

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