The two-part adventure drama Che (consisting of Che-Revolución and Che-Guerrilla) chronicles the extraordinary journey of Ernesto Guevara played by Benicio del Toro, whose endeavours would lead him across Latin America before becoming the hero of the Cuban Revolution.

The biopic film is separated into two parts showing the various adventures which Che had to face before overthrowing the Batista dictatorship in Cuba.

The films however do not follow the chronological order of events but provide a series of disconnected episodes and flashbacks of the overall timeline. The depiction of this non-chronological chain of events adds a certain unpredictability and improves the movie’s suspense rate.

The two parts are biopics of two very diverse series of events in Guevara’s life. Part 1 is called Revolución and starts with Che’s journey from medical school in Argentina to the poverty struck villages of Cuba. Part one moreover depicts the events relating to the Cuban Revolution and Guevara’s relationship with Fidel Castro.

Part Two, Guerrilla, focuses on Guevara’s attempts to bring the Marxist revolution to Bolivia and Guevara’s eventual downfall and death.

The two films are a great illustration of how travelling across a continent with a purpose can lead to achievements that made history. Love or hate Guevara, you will not be able to contest his influence on Cuba and the Latin American continent. If you understand Spanish, do make sure to watch both parts in the original language as this adds to the enjoyment of the chronicles of Guevara’s adventures across Latin America.

Part 1: Che Revolución (English: The Argentine)

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Part 2: Che Guerrilla

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