A large number of locations around the world are nowadays competing in order to become the must visit destination for party lovers. Here are 8 that fulfill, be it for very different reasons, a night owl’s wildest dreams.

1. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza has been Europe’s hottest party island for quite a while now and although many people nowadays argue that Croatia stole its crown, the small Balearic island still has one of the most alluring and one of the most unique nightlife scenes on the planet.

Many of the world’s most renowned DJs launched their career here and the tunes played in clubs such as Ushuaia or Amnesia are the reference for the rest of the electro world. Apart from its globally acclaimed party temples, Ibiza also offers pristine sand beaches and a lovely Old Town boasting a fortress in its capital.

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2. New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

The Jazz capital of the world has delighted music lovers for more than a century now and New Orleans is without a doubt still an amazing nightlife location in the US. Apart from the innumerable classy Jazz clubs, New Orleans also hosts festivals and other musical events, this is the birthplace of Louis Armstrong after all.

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3. Bangkok, Thailand

The Thai capital is a true travellers’ haven because of its amazing culture and nightlife and because it is the capital city of one of the most party loving nations in the world. You will find everything in Bangkok, from chic to crazy to rundown, from 5 star club to rooftop poolbar to backpacker divebar. Bangkok has something for everybody, which is one of the main reasons why locals and tourists actually often frequent the same spots, which adds to the already awesome atmosphere.

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4. Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel Aviv is a hub for tech startups, financial institutions and other creative minds and what does that entail? Lots and lots of young people with different backgrounds looking to socialize and spend their nights out after a long day of work. Tel Aviv’s nightlife is gaining more and more recognition every year and the city is now hailed as the party capital of the region, a title which could only be disputed by Beirut. Tel Aviv’s nightlife is varied, never ending and basically runs 6 days a week which makes the Israeli metropolis an ideal destination for night owls.

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5. Berlin, Germany

Berlin has been on the main stage of the world’s electro scene for quite a while now and every electro lover will tell you that the German capital is the place to be for this particular type of music and party scene. The world famous Berghain club is a true institution which every electro enthusiast should put on his bucket list notwithstanding the fact that Berlin has innumerable other clubs that will blow your mind.

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6. Beirut, Lebanon

Many people associate Lebanon with the war in neighbouring Syria or the refugee crisis or other unfortunate regional problems. What Beirut should actually be known for is its amazing nightlife, which still attracts night owls from all over the world, thanks to its extraordinary diversity and the sheer infinity of options. As a young Beirut resident once said:’we never stop partying, the next war might be around the corner’

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Photo by Ahmad Moussaoui, Flickr

7. Belgrade, Serbia

Belgrade’s nightlife has become famous over the last decade and the Serbian capital definitely does not disappoint on the party front. The city’s enormous amount of Splavs (party boats on the river that do not move) creates a unique scene which you won’t find in any other city in Europe. Belgrade is moreover extremely well-priced compared to other European capitals.

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8. São Paulo, Brazil

When it comes to Brazilian festa, Rio usually gets all the fame but many Brazilians will tell you that the energy and spirit of São Paulo’s parties is unrivalled in South America. São Paulo is actually one of the biggest cities in the world and benefits from the great diversity that characterizes Brazil as a country. São Paulo is moreover less touristy and less expensive than Rio while offering at least the same amount of nightlife alternatives. On that basis, the latter might be the obvious choice but São Paulo might actually be the better option for party animals.

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