Packing for city trips can be an ordeal due to the carry on weight and size limitations on most airlines and due to the fact that one is never certain how much gear will be needed for a short trip. Here are seven essential goods that should definitely be in your luggage when embarking on a short city trip.

1. The right carry on suitcase: Victorinox Spectra, a combination of style, quality and practicality

The world famous Swiss army knife producer Victorinox has risen to prominence on another front during the past few years, thanks to its high quality and unbelievably pretty suitcases.

Spectra is the suitcase I have been using for the past few years and it has delighted me on many occasions and for many reasons. The latest version moreover won the Reddot Design award in 2016. Here are some of the Spectra’s strong points:

Design: No doubts on that point, simply the best looking carry on luggage on the market right now.

Weight & capacity: 37 litres are more than enough for a short trip and 3kilos of total weight is very competitive.

Material and strength: the suitcase is made out of ultra strong virgin polycarbonate which can withstand nearly any shock and won’t be damaged if it is thrown around by airline staff.

Clever interior: with many compartments and great divisions, the suitcase seems much bigger than it actually is and thereby allows you to store and organize your things well.

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2. A practical pocket-sized camera: Nikon Coolpix B500

When in a new city, you obviously want to take a lot of pictures but you may not want to carry around an expensive professional camera and the related equipment. In this case the Nikon Coolpix B500 is a brilliant choice due to its small size and practicality and more importantly its high quality lens and zooming capacities.

The camera in fact allows you to take high quality pictures and instantly share them on social media with its wifi function for a very reasonable price, which makes it an excellent option for a city trip.

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3. A stylish and scan safe wallet: Tru Virtu

If you are the kind of traveller who likes to run around with tons of cash, notecards, credit cards and other stuff in you wallet, the Tru Virtu will not be the choice for you. This incredibly good looking aluminium design wallet is an excellent choice if you like to travel light and reduce the size and content of your wallet to the basics. Apart from its design and practicality, the Tru Virtu has several other strong points:

-Safety: The case is made out of pure aluminium which makes it impossible for any electronic device to send signals through it meaning you will not have to worry about credit card scanning which unfortunately happens more and more often nowadays.

-Weight & Size: The wallet is extremely light thanks to its aluminium case while the dimensions and clever shape of the wallet allow it to remain small and not to cramp your pocket too much.

-Clever interior divisions: The wallet has two main compartments, one for cash and one for cards. In addition to the main compartments it has a small coins compartment and a clip for bills so that nothing falls out or gets lost.

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4. Headphones: MEE Audio M6 Pro

The MEE Audio M6 Pro are another example of sheer value for money thanks to their fantastic sound quality combined with a low price tag. Plane journeys, airport terminals and metro stations are a much better place with music in your ears and these small and discrete yet stylish headphones will enliven your journey with your favourite tunes.

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5. Portable Speakers: AllReli

The AllReli is an excellent solution to the predicament of not being able to take speakers on a trip due to size and weight limitations. These small, 5W speakers are pocket-sized and very light and will therefore not take up a lot of space.

They are moreover waterproof which enables you to listen to your favourite music in the shower before exploring a new city.

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6. An ebook reader: Amazon Kindle

Carrying large and heavy books is tiresome and impractical. An ebook reader is therefore an excellent solution to take all your best literature on your city trip without needing a lot of space. The Amazon Kindle is the daddy of all ebook readers and therefore an excellent choice for your next city break.

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7. A thin and functional laptop: Macbook Air

Nowadays, most people do not want to spend more than a few days without their laptop/computer and therefore laptops are an essential tool for the connected traveller.

When travelling with small luggage, a practical and light notebook is required and in this domain there is no better choice than the MacBook Air. It is resilient, thin, light and extremely performing and this before mentioning its design, which is absolutely second to none.

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