A great actor has sadly left the world a few days ago. Sir Roger Moore was known most of all for his fantastic performances as 007 in some of the world’s most exotic locations. Here are some of the most attractive locations James Bond has been to since the inception of the franchise.

1. Sardinia, Italy: The Spy who loved me (1977)

One of the most beautiful Italian islands has been chosen as setting for the underwater base in The Spy who loved me. The rocky cliffs forming Sardinia’s breathtaking coastline also served as background for the legendary Lotus Esprit chase, during which Bond escapes the villains by using his car’s amphibious capacities.

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2. Istanbul, Turkey: The World is not enough (1999) and Skyfall (2012)

The largest Turkish city has in fact featured in several Bond films, notably The World is not enough and Skyfall. In the former, Bond has to find the terrorist Renard on an island off Istanbul’s shores and the Kücüksu Palace in Instanbul serves as set for Electra King’s residence. In Skyfall, Bond chases a villain on a motorcycle on the roof of Istanbul’s Grand Bazar.

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Kücüksu Palace

3. Ha Long Bay, Vietnam: Tomorrow never dies (1997)

The awe inspiring beauty of Ha Long Bay can be admired in the film Tomorrow never dies, in which the villain Elliot Carver navigates his stealth boat around the unique rock formations of this Vietnamese region. Bond subsequently embarks on a mission to find the stealth boat during which the astounding natural beauty of the bay is portrayed from various angles.

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4. Tanger, Morocco: The living daylights (1987) and Spectre (2015)

The Moroccan port city of Tanger has featured in two James Bond movies on very different occasions. In The living daylights, the city serves as base for Bond’s adversary Brad Whitaker who holds an impressive war collection in his mansion in the city while Spectre saw Bond and Madeleine Swann visit a hotel in the city in order to track down Ernst Stavro Blofeld in the Moroccan desert.

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5. Nassau, Bahamas: Casino Royale (2006)

The capital of the Bahamas serves as getaway for Bond in Casino Royale. After Bond performed an unsanctioned mission in Madagascar, the newly promoted double O agent aims to track down a terrorist network and thereby follows a lead to Nassau, where he stays in the famous Ocean Club.

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6. Tokyo, Japan: You only live twice (1967)

The film You only live twice is set in Japan and many of this movie’s iconic scenes happen in the buzzing Japanese capital. James Bond notably drives a Toyota 2000GT (today one of the rarest Japanese sports cars) through dense Tokyo neighbourhoods.

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7. Havana, Cuba: Die another day (2002)

In Die another day, Bond is dismissed by MI6 and embarks on a secret mission to find the person who betrayed him on his own. He follows one of the main villains, Zao, to Cuba which allows Bond fans to see some of the elements that make this country so unique, such as the classic American drop tops, the cigars and the world renowned Cuban health institutes.

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RIP, Photo by Allen Warren, Wikimedia Commons

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